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Our supplier provides one of the few sources of waxed cartons in the country. Wax can be added to your carton to suit your particular applications.  They are specifically suited to cool room storage facilities.  The benefits of waxed cartons include added strength and an increased level of water resistance, meaning produce can be packed in the paddock, stored in the cool room, transported via refrigerated trucks and delivered to your customer in the same condition it was packed in. 

Waxed Boxes

Cardboard Boxes - Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

Two piece cartons are excellent for presenting your produce at market as they can be reopened and closed allowing inspection of produce without damaging the packaging. Because we use high quality virgin materials to produce all our fruit and vegetable cartons, the rate of moisture absorption is lower than that of other recycled products. Many customers currently use this product in conjunction with a liner to help prevent unnecessary moisture penetration. Let us help you design packaging that stores, protects and promotes your product.

Unwaxed Boxes

Cartons are suitable for storage , transport and display. Cartons can be either in tray or two-piece format. Cartons can incorporate a proprietary print. We can produced a shelf ready solution for virtually any type of fruit or vegetable product.  Cartons are available in common modular footprints of 6, 8 and 12 and in a range of heights in either flat or hand erection or pre erected.


Cartons are made supermarket ready and encourage the supermarkets environmental policy to reduce unnecessary waste. Just erect by hand, or have pre-erected and send in the common footprints of Modular Packaging in both 6 and 12 layer packs. Another option is a two piece carton that satisfies the shelf ready system that can be custom printed to advertise the growers brand and maximise exposure. We can supply a one touch system. This enables growers to pack stock directly to their carton and deliver it to the supermarket shelf directly. This reduces product handling but continues to display both their product and company details in a package that is also easily compacted when empty for ease of recycling. We also have a range of pre-erected trays that can be used for packaging of plastic punnets, hydroponic tomatoes and stone fruits, available in a range of sizes and colours

Shelf Ready Black Trays

We have a complete range of Grape cartons in both T51 and GR62 sizes.  The can be made in a generic print or branded with your own company logo and details.  They come both stapled and hand erected versions. 

Grape Cartons

Generic Costco Fruit and Vegetable Trays

Costco Trays

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