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  • GPS Temperature recorder

  • 17-26 days battery life

  • Global visibility for real-time monitoring of location, temperature and security

  • Low cost, recyclable platform available worldwide

  • Track the temperature of your perishable items whilst they are in transit

  • Easy to use

  • 10 units per box

SmartTraxx   GO



  • GPS Temperature recorder

  • 60 day battery life

  • Increased efficiency by allowing tracking through one single portal

  • Global visibility and monitoring to your in-transit cargo.

  • Track the temperature of your perishable items while they are in transit.

  • 10 units per box

A recyclable palm sized device that gives you real-time information on the location security and temperature of your products. Everything is encrypted, pushed to the Cloud, where alerts and status reports are sent to you via email or text.


SmartTraxx   GO XL


Tracking your ocean container cargo has never been easier than with the GO XL.  Our GO XL has a 60 day battery life which will help you monitor the temperature of your cargo as it travels around the world, while at the same time being as user friendly as our GO. Simply pull on the tab and place it in the container, and be prepared to receive a standard set of status events to your computer or tablet.


This information can also be accessed through our Traxx GO on our website. Traxx Go is an easy-to-use web-interface system that allows you to monitor your cargo. Traxx Go is available 24-7 for your convenience. All you need is your GO XL serial number entered into the box to get started!



The OverSight™ system gives you instant, online access to the data from any or all vehicles. Maps, graphs and reports are at your fingertips.


As shipments travel down the road, the cloud-based OverSight™ DashBoard gives easy, online access to current maps, graphs and charts of key shipments, including temperature, security, and location details.


Access is controlled by a userID and password. Different users can be given different levels of access. It’s also easy to share shipment data with a partner by simply assigning a userID and password to that partner.


The amount of real-time shipment temperature, location and security data the OverSight™ system gathers and reports can quickly overwhelm. That’s why we developed Intelligent Alerts.


Intelligent Alerts are text and email messages that get the right information to the right people at the right time. Instead of being overwhelmed, the OverSight™ system filters the information based on business rules established by each customer using the OverSight™ DashBoard. If a rule is violated, text and email Intelligent Alert messages are sent automatically.

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