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Ethylclean Machine - V Filter Range
Ethylclean Machine - Small Range


The machines can incorporate wheels (W type) or supports to set the machine fixed on the wall (S type).

They consume monophasic current of 50Hz and 240v or 60Hz and 110v. The ETH 850 & ETH 1700 models have the electrical panel integrated on the machine to help clearly show if the machine is running.

These machines are designed for forced-air circulation through the BI-ON granules inside storage and distributions facilities of fresh produce.

The ETH machines are built entirely of zinc coated steel protected by epoxy heat applied paint. They are built in different size models for the different air volumes.

There is a small range for volumes lower than 250 m3 and a big range for larger volumes.

The large range incorporates the innovative system of V-shapped filters with air-born dirt partical filteration technology.

The Ethylclean machines have been submitted to ventilation trials for air flow according to valid standards.


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