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The supply chain consists of both storage and transport, and while both are crucial to maintaining the quality of produce, transport remains the hardest to control and therefore, requires the most attention!



Our range of Bioconservacion Ethylene removal filters purify the air circulating through the refrigeration cooling unit. This continous process ensures purified air during short and long journeys.

Using the correct number of filters is absolutely essential. To ensure your produce is constantly protected we can provide a customised spreadsheet indicating the necessary filters depending on transit time, type of produce and transport conditions.

How do you maintain your brand quality, ensuring that fresh produce will arrive in the best condition?

How do you slow down the respiration rate of fruit & vegetables and reduce chlorophyll loss??

How do you keep the atmosphere clean from micro-organisms and ethylene?

Ensure that the air is kept constantly purifed during transport?

Peace of mind is provided in the knowledge that each Bioconservacion filter is guaranteed to absorb a minimum of 3 litres of ethylene. Whilst each batch of filters is subject to a rigorous quality control check and labeled with a unique quality control and traceability label.


We supply two transportation filters of different lengths, the most common unit is 100cm in length whilst the other filter is 75cm long. Both have been designed for truck and reefer use.

Transportation Filters Brochure (PDF KB)


- Oxidation of ethylene and other harmful gases like ethanol and acetaldehyde

- Slow down the ripening process

- Eliminate the chemical trigger signal for fungi development

- Preserve the colour and flavour of fruit and vegetables

- Preserve the quality of fresh cut flowers

- Ensure air quality and remove odour contamination

- Prevention of weight loss during transport

- Reduction in waste due to over-ripening and rotting

- Ensure higher-quality arrivals

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