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Its use guarantees air hygiene, removing ethylene which accumulates in the flower & fruit and vegetable atmosphere, and purifying it from micro-organisms and other volatiles thus assuring better overall produce and air quality.


This media is presented in granular form and there are many formulations. The most common are: BI-ON 3, BI-ON 4, LL14, LL16. Our product is placed in the ETHYLCLEAN machines, transportation filters (extend, swift), screens, sachets and Extra FRESH discs. Technical sheet together with the formula of both, BI-ON 3, BI-ON 4, LL14 and LL16.


The active life of the BI-ON granules is inversely proportional to the levels of volatiles in the air emitted by each variety of produce.  The duration of the product is determined in each case by our technicians, depending on the needs, working methods and conditions of each client.

Using our system will eliminate micro-organisms, odours and ethylene from within your storage facilities whatever they should be (cool-rooms, reefers, lorries etc.) or whatever industry you may serve (floral, meat, fish etc).

For example; in the ageing process of meat – proteins breakdown, giving way to amino acids, and afterwards to gases that produce strong smells, like sulfuric acid and mercaptans. Fish produces tri methyl amine, which is the responsible of the characteristic fish smell. Whilst odour cross contamination should be avoid in all circumstances.



When breaking a granule in half, one can determine the level of saturation by observing the colour. The colour ranges from purple (provides maximum capacity of absorption) to brown (requires changing).

IMPORTANTLY our granules are compatible for use with ORGANIC PRODUCE as they do not leave any chemical residues on food.

BI-ON technical data sheet (PDF KB)

BI-ON® is the name of our permanganate media. BI-ON® is a disposable purifier generated from a mixture of natural clays and potassium permanganate.

Potassium Permanganate is an effective Oxidizing Agent of Ethylene and Primary Pollutants such as: SO2, NOx, H2S and many other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Our media has a pH of 9.2, which is higher than the survival limit of Bacteria.

The Clays are negatively charged and attract positive particles above which most of the microorganisms regularly move in the air. Fungi communicate by gas signals. BI-ON removes many of those gases interrupting fungal development.


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