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  • Waterproof

  • Auto-Calibration

  • Sealed unibody construction and RoHS-compliant

  • Measuring Range: -40°C to +155°C

  • Accuracy +/- 0.5°C 

DELTATRAK DTK-11061 (Auto-Cal Waterproof Industrial Probe Thermometer)


  • This unique, next generation Digital Pocket Probe thermometer featuring auto calibration button is engineered to set the industry standard for accuracy, durability and readibility.

  • It is designed and constructed under exacting standards to meet and exceed industry expectations.

  • Measuring Range: -40°C to +155°C

  • Specifications required for commercial and industrial uses.

  • Core temperature of foods on grills and stovetops within seconds.

  • Unique hold function will assist in removing human error.

  • Waterproof.

DELTATRAK DTK-11063 (Auto-Cal Waterproof Digital Pocket Thermometer Probe)

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