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  • Weight: 2.4 kg

  • Models available in 12L, 18L, 28L


12 Litre

  • External dimensions: 38.0 cm (L) x 25.5 cm (W) x 28.5 cm (H)

  • Internal dimensions: 30.0 cm (L) x 17.5 cm (W) x 10.5 cm (H)


18 Litre

  • External dimensions: 42.5 cm (L) x 28.0 cm (W) x 32.0 cm (H)

28 Litre

  • External dimensions: 48.0 cm (L) x 31.5 cm (W) x 36.5 cm (H)

  • Compact re-usable Vaccine shippers are injection moulded designed and finished with High density PE and insulated with High Density moulded PS foam.

  • These compact re-usable shippers are designed to be airtight and make it ideal for the transport of vaccines, blood products, direct to patient and home nursing services.

  • The high quality construction keeps maintains 2-8C for up to 24hrs and are designed with a strong carry handle and an adjustable strap.

  • A combination of High quality Stainless steel compression Metal clips and compression seals with a positive lip makes them a 100% dustproof.

Thermal Pack Courier Shippers


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