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Australia wastes $1.1 billion fruit and vegetables every year

Source:, Publication date: 7/19/2012


New research has revealed that Australian households are, on average, discarding around $5 billion worth of food. The number one category is fruit and vegetables, with an estimated value of annual wastage running at $1.1 billion.

"Throwing out over a billion dollars’ worth of produce every year is an alarming revelation," says Ausveg senior communications officer, Courtney Burger. "We would encourage Australians to take the opportunity to actively incorporate more vegetables into their diets and take advantage of the affordability of the fresh fruit and vegetables available in this country."

The research has been published in the Australia’s food and nutrition 2012 report, recently released by .....

AU: New citrus body board named

​Source:, Publication date: 8/6/2012

Citrus Australia has announced the seven members who will make up the committee of the new South Australian citrus body.

SARAC - the South Australian Regional Advisory Committee will be made up of a mix of citrus growers and marketers. It is going to be chaired by Berri grower, Con Poulos.

The new body is intended as a replacement for the Citrus Industry Development Board and Citrus Growers SA.

Citrus Australia's chairwoman, Tania Chapman, says the new committee .....

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