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Ventilated Stretch Film

Ventilated stretch film is ideally suited to the following applications:


It is forklift friendly, accepted by major distribution centre's & 100% recyclable!

Features & Benefits:


  • Offers up to 60% air flow

  • Maximum stretch and strength

  • Forklift friendly

  • Excellent carton printing visibility after wrapping.

  • Available in pre-stretched and power pre-stretched grades (to 250%). Hand and machine rolls available

  • Soft on carton corners preventing crushing

  • Prevents condensation build up

  • Runs smoothly on most wrapping machines

  • Lightweight to handle even in largest rolls

  • Contains heavy loads

  • Significant financial and efficiency savings compared to angles / straps

  • Maintains web width under tension

  • Less waste and recyclable

  • Suitable for a wide variety of applications such as fresh food, drinks, frozen food, hot fill

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