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  • Colour: Action Marker 44 Black

  • Permanent industrial marker lasts 12 times longer than fibre filled markers

  • Patented valve activated feed mechanism ensures the pen will never dry out - even if the lid is left off

  • Marks on glass, timber, plastic & cardboard

  • UV stabilised ink for outdoor applications

  • Replacement chisel or bullet tips available

  • Marks will not smudge or rub off

Valve Action Marker (12 pens) 5 km / pen

Industrial Marking Pens

  • Colours avalable: White, Yellow, Red, Blue,                                    Green, Black

  • Makes clear bold markings on almost any surface

  • Quick drying

  • Oil based paint

  • Will not chip, fade or loose opacity

  • Patented valve mechanism to prevent marker drying out

  • Replaceable nibs

  • Heavy duty aluminium body for industrial use

Valve Action Marking Pen - Dykem Britemark

  • Colours avalable: White, Yellow, Red, Blue,                                        Green & Black

  • Writes sharp, defined, bright marks

  • Writes through grease and oil

  • Ergonomically designed

  • Can write upside down

  • Controlled paint flow by pressure bulb

  • Heavy duty design for industrial use

  • The colour range is ideal for stock taking of steel

  • Drying time is 25 - 35 minutes

  • High temperature formula available

Valve Action Marking Pen - Texpen

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