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Our post harvest solutions are trusted by many wholesalers and exporters in;

                                   -  Brisbane Mkts, Brisbane

                                   -  Flemington Mkts, Sydney

                                   -  Footscray Mkts, Melbourne

As well as many growers, providores and retail stores through-out Australia.

Our manufacturers products are used extensively around the world by companes such as;

                                   -  DOLE

                                   -  DEL MONTE

                                   -  ZESPRI

                                   -  WAL MART

                                   -  CHIQUITA

                                   -  AGREXCO

                                   -  APOFRUIT

                                   -  MARESK

                                   -  WHIRLPOOL CORPORATION

.... they trust our technology in order to help comply with HACCP and local authority food safety regulations. In addition it enables them to ensure the quality of their products to the consumer.

We will help extend the shelf life of your commodities.



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