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  • 1,200 metre rolls

  • Dimensions 15.5mm x 0.9mm x 1200m

  • Avg breaking load 530 kg

  • Green Embossed surface

  • 24 rolls / pallet

  • Fromm Manufactured High Performance PET Strap

  • Latest "patented" strapping technology

  • Delivers cost savings while maintaining high breaking strain and sealing efficiency

  • High shock absorbtion

  • Safe handling OH&S

  • Reduced CO2 output in manufacturing

  • 100% recyclable




  • Certified tensile strength & breaking strains prevent costly load damage during transit

  • High Impact Resistance

  • Maintains strap tension in the event of pack settlement

  • Loads can be moved safely even after extended periods of storage

  • Corrosion resistant

  • Eliminates risk of handling cuts or lifting heavy coils (steel strap)

  • Available from the simplest 12mm hand strap with plastic buckles to machine grade high-speed "state of the art" strapping

  • Trouble free operation in automatic strapping machines

  • High breaking strength

  • Reliable

  • Rope Wound - Approx 46kg

  • Regular Duty Strap - Medium cabon, cold rolled steel strap

  • Ideal for general applications such as unitising loads of timber packs

  • High Tensile Strap - Specially blended cold rolled steel product that is heat treated allowing it to absorb shock better than regular steel

  • Rope wound - Approx 46kg minimises coil handling and improves overall efficiency

  • Ribbon Wound - the width of a ribbon wound coil will remain equal to the width of the strap

  • Depending upon its wound, ribbon wound is available in 13kg or 15kg rolls

  • Jumbo Coil - Designed specifically for use on automatic equipment the jumbo coils are appro 220kg

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