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Cases & Crates

We have a large collection of heavy duty quality bulk bins. Whatever may be your industrial or commercial application, our composite packs, which also incorporate pallets, would be best suited to fulfil those specifications. You can find the best bulk bins, pallets and crates in order to meet your packaging style and choices.


We understand the importance of packaging when shipping or transporting goods. Our cardboard bins are an ideal choice for storage, transportation and shipping needs.  


In addition, we offer timber packaging, including pallets, cases and crates, of various styles and configurations; so you can choose the right one depending on your requirements. Whether your market segment includes fruit and vegetables, automotive, or timber products, we cater all your storing and packaging needs.


Corrugated cardboard boxes supplied by us are manufactured from the best available raw materials and are passed through a range of testing processes.  Browse through our large range of products which also includes presentation boxes, cartons, discs, trays, timber pallets and many more. Abbe’s cardboard boxes are 100% recyclable.


Go greener by choosing our unique quality cardboard boxes as they reduce the carbon foot print.

Bulk Packs

Domestic & Export quality timber pallets

Singleface Rolls


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