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Please contact us directly on 07 3162 5051 or via email for pricing
on our instruments 

Digital Refractometer​ (Price: AS$ 495.00*)

Completely newly designed digital hand-held instrument that will change the traditional conceptions of refractometers.
Calibration with water only, measurment in 3 seconds, automatic temperature compensation and much more!

* Excludes GST & Freight

Ethylene meter (Price: AS$ POA)

A battery powered portable instrument for measuring ethylene and is particularly suited to fruit and vegetable storage, ripening and curing applications.

The instrument uses an electrochemical detector that is sensitive to ethylene and the reading is displayed on a liquid crystal digital display.
The display has a resolution of 0.2 ppm and with care indications of ethylene lower than 0.5 ppm can be obtained.

CO2 Meter (Price: AS$ 599.00*)

The KeepAlert Handheld CO2 Meter is designed to measure CO2 levels as well as temperature and humidity. The KeepAlert Hanheld CO2 Meter measures up to 10% CO2 levels. Ideal for spot checking many locations. The perfect method to double wall mounted units and to evalute those areas where a monitor is not installed. Can be used in any location.

*Excludes GST & Freight

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