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  • Thickness: 0.40 - 1.35 mm

  • Strap Tension (Adjustable): 600 - 3500 Newtons

  • Sealing Type: Fricition weld

  • Power Supply: Battery 18 VDC / 3.0 Ah Li-Ion

  • Lightweight (4 kg) simply one-handed operation. Tensioning and sealing is as easy as pressing a button.

  • To increase efficiency, preparation for the next strap is started during the welding and cooling process.

  • Latest lithium-ion battery 18 volt technology and a powerful 18 volt motor

  • Battery delivers 350 strap cycles per charge and recharges 3000+ times (charge status always displays)

  • Vertical & horizontal applications

  • Adjustable tensioning & sealing

  • Ergonomic design

  • Weld mode for strap repairs

  • Fast battery exchange

  • ISO 9001:2008 certification

  • Manufactured in Italy by Fromm to European safety regulations EN 415-8

Strapping Tool - Fromm P327

Strapping Tools


  • Thickness: 0.60 - 1.53 mm

  • Strap Tension: 1200 - 7000 Newtons - 700 kg

  • Sealing Type - Fricition weld

  • Power Supply - Battery 36 VDC / 4.0 Ah Li-Ion

  • The P331 is the heaviest duty hand tool ever made, used for strapping widths up to 32mm and can pull more tension than most automatic systems, making this tool ideal for Heavy Duty Applications, Steel, Hardwood Timber, Brick and Aluminium.

  • The size of PET strapping can safely replace heavy duty steel strapping applications, leading to major cost savings

  • Lightweight (6.4 kg) and with a simple one-handed operation for tensioning, sealing and cutting, the P331 is the opitomy of ease-of-use.

  • With a new and improved, Maintenance Free Brushless Motor, the P331 is also one of the most durable tools on the market

  • Well balanced for strapping at any angle

  • Simple 1 or 2 button operation (Auto/Semi-Auto)

  • Exceptional tension force up to 7000 Newtons

  • Delivers up to 370 strap cycles per charge

  • Easy feed strapping

  • Complete mobility when strapping

  • Quick battery changes

  • Base wearing plates available for rough surfaces

  • Optional counter balance for easier use

Strapping Tool - NEW Fromm P331 Heavy Duty

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