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Its not a secret that we offer our clients the very best air purification technology and customised solutions in the market.

Our technology purifies air by eliminating over 16 different types of gases, the most common form of these gases is Ethylene – the natural hormone produced by all fruit, vegetables, herbs, flowers and plants that is responsible for the ripening and ageing process. We also remove air born fungi and bacteria spores ensuring a hygienic environment, free from ethylene and undesirable micro-organisms, which is particularly important when the cold room doors are opened frequently or when produce is stored for long periods of time. Importantly, all of this is achieved without covering produce with chemicals!

The benefits are clear;

             Reduce wastage - Ensure your produce is fresh for longer

             Increase your markets - Ensure your produce can to transported interstate and exported without loss of quality

             Increase revenue - Avoid produce weight loss

             Improve the shelf life and ensure quality - Reduce losses in the supply chain

By using our air-treatment products, producers, exporters or businesses that are required to store produce for a period of time are able to respond to market conditions rapidly and with the best quality.

With high rotation of produce, cold rooms and climitised warehouses are subjected to a variety of different types of merchandise for short periods of time which produce various amounts of gases. Produce & perishables can stay from a few hours up to a few days, before being loaded into a lorry or container. This in turn can lead to mould build-up within your cool room and reduced shelf life of your stored produce.

Produce at supermarkets/fruit retailers must be of the best quality externally and organoleptically for commercial sale and shelf life duration “The Bioconservacion System” provides you with an assurance of helping to reduce your losses, maximise your profits and provide the end user with a quality product that has an extended shelf life – whilst improving the image of your company.



Managing air quality during storage and transportation whilst "Protecting your profits"!
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